What is the Right Tire for Your Car?

Have you been dreading getting new tires for your vehicle? Maybe you're not sure which ones to get? Here at Kelley Sales & Service, our team of service professionals specialize in tires and listed below is what they recommend when it comes to looking for the right tires for your vehicle. Dive in and settle on the right type for your car, truck, or SUV.

Winter Studded and Studdable Tires
  • Recommended for drivers who deal with consistent wintery travel
  • Studded and Studdable tires offer better control in icy and snowy weather
Summer Passenger Tires
  • Recommended for those who travel daily in normal day-to-day weather conditions
  • Quiet tire with excellent traction on both wet and dry streets
All-Season Tires
  • Recommended for those who want a bit of the best of both tire worlds
  • A balanced combination of wet, dry, and snowy/icy condition performance

If you're still interested in learning more information about our tire selection, or to have one of our experts install your new tires, then our dealership is the destination for you. Stop in today at 74-80 Clinton Street!

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