The Ram 1500 Offers Plenty of Safety Features

Light-duty pickup trucks are a popular choice among drivers, offering the utility of much larger trucks matched with a comfortable interior and plenty of technology upgrades. The Ram 1500 offers drivers everything they want from a truck and includes the array of safety features they require.

When the 1500 begins to stray inside its lane, it alerts the driver with audio cues above certain speeds. The same technology that monitors lane placement also governs cruise control, causing the 1500 to automatically adjust the distance between it and other cars on the road in real time. When it's time to park, the Ram 1500 can guide the driver into parallel parking sites by automatically steering while the driver manages the gear changing, braking, and acceleration.

A 360-degree camera monitors the load being towed and can alert the driver when in reverse regarding proximity to nearby objects. This feature can aid in properly aligning the truck to a trailer hitch.

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