Belts & Hoses

The timing belt is a belt that is used to ensure that the various components of the engine’s valves and pistons remain in sync. This belt is essential to keeping the auto in working order and could cost the driver hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in repairs if worn to the point of breaking.

Some drivers ignore the signs of a worn timing belt in efforts to allegedly get the most for their money. Such thinking could, however, lead to significant problems that can cost upwards of $2,000 to fix. It is better, then, to keep on track with timing belt repairs by following the replacement schedule given by the manufacturer. You should definitely prepare to replace if your vehicle backfires or stops abruptly. Both of these actions are warning signs that something may be wrong with the timing belt.

A professional technician can ensure that your vehicle stays on the right path. Keep your car or truck in working order by stopping by our service center at Kelley Sales & Service in Springfield, VT today!

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