Reasons That Your Car Engine May be Overheating

It can be a challenge for some drivers to figure out what caused the engine to overheat in the car. Look for these warning signs to help diagnose the issue.

It might be something as simple as the driver just forgetting to put the radiator cap back on after refilling the radiator, or it was so loose it fell off. The hose clamps that connect the radiator hoses to the car block and radiator may be loose or so far corroded they don't work effectively.

If the fan belt came loose, it will either be shredded or hanging low. This makes it impossible to move the fan. The water pump will show signs of failing with drips of coolant at the underside of the pump.

If you want to get the car fixed today, visit our service center Kelley Sales and Service and our crew will find the cause of the overheating engine and get you back on your way safely.

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