The Dodge Journey Has You Covered

Whether you're going about your daily commute in Springfield or you're visiting a brand-new destination on a family vacation, it's important to have a vehicle that can keep you protected. The Dodge Journey is a mid-sized sedan that has many standard safety features. It's strategically designed to keep you safe in the worst-case scenario.

The body of the SUV has engineered crumple zones in the front and rear. In the event of an impact, these crumple zones will absorb some of the energy and redirect it away from the cabin. Dual-phase steel is also used to provide some structural integrity around the cabin.

Inside, Dodge has included many airbags. There are seven in total. They include multi-stage bags in the front and side curtain bags for the rear. The manufacturers also included knee bolster airbags in the front for an added layer of protection. The airbag system comes standard on every Journey model at Kelley Sales & Service.

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