A Dodge Journey Offers Flexibility

In a Dodge Journey, you'll be able to head anywhere, whether that involves loading everyone up for a road trip or taking care of things for work. This mid-size SUV that we have at Kelley Sales & Service in Springfield, VT is versatile and reliable, plus it has numerous interior features that make it a pleasure to ride in.

If any younger people are riding with you, the SUV can come with integrated second-row booster seats, which give your shorter passengers the height they need to use the seatbelts correctly. The great thing about these boosters is that they can be folded right back into the seat when not being used.

There are plenty of smart storage options in the Dodge Journey. In the rear cargo area, an in-floor compartment is great for keeping things out of sight. For more space, fold down the back seats to increase capacity to 67.6 cubic feet.

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