You may have seen the massive new showrooms and facilities that a growing number of monster dealer groups have started building in the Connecticut River Valley. In most cases, those brand new facilities, owned by out of state or out of the area mega corporations cost several million dollars to build and maintain.

  Do you know who ultimately pays for those new facilities or renovations? The customers who purchase from those dealerships are the ones who ultimately pay. We sometimes hear from shoppers who don't otherwise know the real story, the same line that these monster dealer groups tell them, which is that because they are "high volume" dealers, they can sell vehicles for less. Does that make sense to you? Can a dealer group with multiple locations, hundreds of employees, debt of millions of dollars and a pile of daily and monthly expenses really sell for less? Somehow, people are supposed to believe that those dealers groups are just selling new and used vehicles well below what they own them for out of the goodness of their hearts? Because they're a "volume" dealer? Do you think it's more likely that they're making lots of money per deal and that maybe you'd be paying more at that monster dealer group than you would at a hometown, family owned dealership that has much lower monthly expenses to worry about? Do you think maybe they're adding more notches to their belts in the form of additional stores and locations precisely because of their practices of making massive profits from as many customers as possible? Doesn't that make more sense?

  At Kelley Sales and Service, we are almost always able to meet or beat ANY deal from ANY Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and FIAT dealer in the Northeast because we don't have to worry about those massive expenses. Our mortgages were paid off years ago. Lower expenses = lower prices. The best part is, we're able to deliver our vehicles all over New England, NY, NJ and PA without asking you to drive to our dealership in Vermont. Shop online at Start your deal there and experience the Big Difference between Kelley Sales and Service and the monster dealer groups that just look at you as a number.
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