The Jeep Wrangler is a massively popular SUV that excels at off-roading and has an extremely rugged design. Our team in Springfield, VT loves how the Wrangler design has stood the test of time, as it has been hardly changed over the years. The Wrangler may be made for off-roading, but it also has plenty of design features that make it look the part.

One of the coolest design features on the Wrangler is the Sky One-Touch power top. This optional roof opens up the cabin and turns the Wrangler into a makeshift convertible. This allows all occupants of the Wrangler to experience the environment around them. The Wrangler can also be had with ten different tire and wheel options so you can pick the stance and offset that looks best to you.

To get the full Jeep Wrangler experience, our team at Kelley Sales & Service suggests that you take the Wrangler on a test drive. You will love the one-touch open-top cruising experience that the Wrangler can offer.

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