More Tech Than You Could Want in the Chrysler 300

The Chrysler 300 has all the technology even the worst nerd living in his mother's basement could want. However, the basement nerd typically does not make enough to afford the Chrysler 300, although that is not the problem of someone who wants to enjoy Apple Car Play and Sirius XM satellite on the way to work. If they need to switch from one to the other, they can even use a touch screen to control it.

The Chrysler 300 touch screen is not the only technology feature in the car. There are several other information technology features, and there are plenty of automotive and safety technology features that help keep the car's occupants safe.

The driver will appreciate all these features and the car's luxury when he gets behind the wheel. Why not drive in comfort rather than go with the most affordable car when a driver does not need to?

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