2019 Ram ProMaster City Durability Features

Cargo vans are the perfect work vehicle for many people in a variety of industries. Not only do you get all of the associated storage and hauling capabilities of a truck, but you are also able to protect your equipment from the elements by storing them within the vehicle instead of in the bed. That is why our team at Kelley Sales & Service located right here in Springfield, VT is so excited to tell you about the durability features of the all-new 2019 Ram ProMaster City!

This cargo van was designed to work hard and take a beating but it's still safe enough to keep you safe. That is why this van was designed to include crush zones in the durable exterior. These zones are able to absorb the majority of the impact in the case of a crash so that you can walk away unharmed.

Additionally, a variety of warranties lasting up to 100,000 miles ensure that you continue to get good use out of the cargo van long after its purchase.

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