The Roomy And Comfortable Dodge Durango

The Dodge Durango is a three-row SUV that is available at Kelley Sales & Service in Springfield, VT. The Durango makes a great vehicle for families that are on the go and for those who have a lot of gear that they like to take on trips or on jobs.

The interior of the Durango is both roomy and comfortable. The interior of the Dodge Durango provides a lot of options to get the space you need. There are 50 different seating configurations possible. The second-row seats can fold down, and the back row has a 50/50 split option. The Durango has an 84.5 cubic feet cargo potential.

The Dodge Durango provides you with comfort while you drive and ride. Three-zone climate control is available. The driver and the second and third-row passengers each have a temperature zone. Each row can have the right amount of heating or cooling that is desired.

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