Hefty capabilities and tremendous horsepower aren’t the only traits that matter for pickup truck owners anymore; in fact, today’s most renowned light-duty offerings all emphasize impressive interior perks. Because the importance of heightened leisure is taking precedence in the latest Ram 1500 models, these emboldening automotive creations are widely recognized as sturdy sanctuaries on wheels.

Springfield, VT’s streets are about to witness a debonair blend of understated charm and decadent luxury. This fiercely enlightened combination is best illustrated by the exquisite Natura Plus leather seating, which is implicitly reserved for Limited editions. Exotic magnetism is exuded by both Indigo and Light Frost Beige. Satin-gloss black chrome melds gloriously with real wooden accents to finalize the righteous luster.

For certain elite trims, a revolutionary reconfigurable center console is available. Endless fine-tuned arrangements are possible for your gadgetry. You can explore the fascinating electronic customizations in person during one of Kelley Sales and Service’s specialized test drives.

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