Mopar® Tire & Wheel Vehicle Protection for Road Hazards

Road hazards turn up when you least expect it. If not careful, they can lead to wheel and tire damage. At the minimum, your tire is blown. At the maximum, the tire rim is damage. Either way, your vehicle is no longer safe to drive. Even when it's replaced with a spare.

The repairs on these can cost a good deal of money which you may not have. To correct this, you might want to consider a Mopar service plan that protects your wheels and tires against road hazards. One benefit is the free replacement of original and after-market parts related to the repair. In addition, should the tire pressure sensor gauge be damaged, it will also be replaced free of charge.

Avoid tire and wheel damage that puts a damper on your wallet. Contact our dealership's service center for an appointment to learn more and sign up. It will ease one of the pressures of vehicle ownership.

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